Another photo of my pup, Mr. Archie, Archidopolis.

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As you may already know, my name is Chris Poos. I grew up in South Florida and spent about half my life living in California. Over the last ten years, I've lived & worked in Silicon Valley working for multiple tech industry titans. I now live and work from home in beautiful sunny South Florida with my family and awesome pup, Archie. In my spare time, I enjoy engaging in outdoor sports, tinkering at home, and trying my hand at cooking.

For the past fourteen years, I've had the privilege of leading the design of all types of products ranging from Data Analytics Platforms, Identity Management Solutions, Payment Solutions, Online Marketplaces, Smart Watches, IOT Police Holsters, Mobile Apps, Cyber Security Tools, Cloud Management Systems, Software Provisioning Tools, UX Design Libraries, and Charting Libraries - to name the most notable.

My disciplines range from designing User Experiences, User Interfaces, Wireframes, User Flow Diagrams, User Journeys, Interaction Models, Visuals Designs, Prototypes, Animation, Mobile App Design, Websites Design, Desktop Apps, Hardware Experiences, Wearables, Internet of Things, Enterprise Products, Consumer Products, Brand Guidelines, and Design Libraries.

I'm proficient in coding HTML & CSS, Writing Product Requirements, Conducting User Research Studies, Design Operations, and People Management.

What I Enjoy
I am a builder at heart and enjoy the process of creating things. I take pleasure in creating useful and materially beneficial products for others. What brings me even more joy, is to build these products with super brilliant people in an innovative company with great culture.

I consider myself a highly technical designer that is a business-minded,  systems level thinker that can span the macro-to-micro gamut of communication with Management and Execs, to Devs and QA, to Research, Marketing, et al.

Interested in working together?
I recently finished a small sabbatical and I am actively looking for my next venture in life. If you are hiring and feel I might be a good fit for your company, please contact me on Linkedin.

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